Cancer Survivors Celebrate at Relay for Life

"You realize you're not alone."

That's Jerri Eskew, an ovarian cancer survivor and regular Relay for Life participant.

Eskew won her fight against cancer years ago but she says she'll always support Relay for Life.

"I've got ten little great nieces and nephews and they're very important to me and I want them to be living in a cancer free world. I'll do anything I can in order to support the American Cancer Society because I know that the research is why I'm here today," Eskew said.

Relay for Life brings together teams of people who are all working to raise money for cancer research.

During the events at least one team member must always be walking in the designated areas in order to signify that cancer never sleeps.

Those who are fighting cancer, those who passed away from cancer and those who won their battles with cancer are all honored at Relay for Life, but that's not all.

"We also recognize our caregivers," said Megan Pitrolo, Community Development Manager. "Without their support, and their encouragement and their walk with their survivor this wouldn't be possible. So this is also a time to thank them and to show their support."

Eskew said the support she received while she underwent treatment made all the difference.

"And you know you're in a battle, you know you're in a real battle but you're never alone. And for me I had my church behind me and Jesus right beside me."

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