Clarksburg Gets Its First Mural

There is a lot of traffic traveling through the intersection of W. Pike St. and S. Chestnut in downtown Clarksburg, and drivers and residents in this area may notice something is different. 

The mural was painted with a purpose in mind. 

"To beautify Clarksburg is going to take a lot of effort on everybody's behalf. We hope this is one small step to inspire people to try to clean up and make and make things more beautiful," said Tim Gentilozzi, lawyer.

It took a councilman, a business owner and local artist Chris Schultz to make the mural happen.

Clarksburg City Councilman Chad Sigmon said, "When I was running for council, one of the things I wanted to do was beautify the city, and when I was elected, one of the first projects I started was to say I'm going to get a mural done here in Clarksburg."

?The local artist along with members of the community said they are excited to bring the first mural to the area in an effort to make the city a better place to live and work.

Sigmon added, "It just brightens up people's day when you are driving by like when you are at a stop light here I have seen people looking at it and you know its refreshing. I think its going to be a ripple effect. We are going to have here the Robinson Grande coming and if we want to attract people to come where they are walking around and see different stores, you know I think its going to really bring everything together in the city."

Schultz and Clarksburg City Council hope the mural is the first of many. The mural is expected to be complete in the next few weeks.

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