Mon Power Warns Customers of Green Dot Scam

Mon Power is warning customers about a phone scam.

The Green Dot Scam involves a scammer telling you to send money or risk having your power shut off. The call will look like it is from Mon Power and a recording of a Mon Power call might be included.

One local business owner said she was asked to send $1,500 through a prepaid debit card.

Todd Meyers of Mon Power said prepaid debit cards are not accepted as a form of payment through their billing and customers are given much more advance notice of a possible power shut-off.

"They're playing on people's emotions. They're trying to get you worked up to think your power is going to go off and especially businesses, maybe a restaurant during a rush hour, they may not even be talking to the person who pays the bills. They may be just be talking to a manager whose main concern is to keep feeding customers, to keep the lights on," said Todd Meyers of Mon Power.

If you receive a call, hang up and call Mon Power at 800-686-0022 to check the status of your bill.

You can also call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-368-8808.

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