Test it Tuesday: Star Shower

It's December 1st, which means it's finally socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas!

'Tis the season for Christmas wreaths, holiday garland, and lots of light-up lawn ornaments in your front yard. But I bet that untangling lights is probably your least favorite part of Christmas decorating. However, that may be a thing of the past, according to this week's Test it Tuesday product, the Star Shower. But will it make your holidays brighter?
The Star Shower claims to light up any size house, so we're going to try it on this Cape Cod to see if it brightens up the neighborhood.

It provides a chart to help with the placement process: distance to surface and coverage area so you know exactly where to place your Star Shower.

"The secret is the State-of-the-Art laser technology that projects breathtaking polar-graphic stars onto any surface over 600 square feet. It's an amazing laser light show that illuminates your entire home, even places old-fashioned lights can't reach," according to the commercial.

The installation was fairly simple. First, we had to locate the pointer on the top of the stake, making sure it was pointed at the house. Connect the Star Shower to the stake and strategically place it into the ground. Finally, connect it to an extension cord, switch on, and Voila!

Overall, the Star Shower did live up to its expectations of making this house sparkle, but there are a couple things I want to note. The red and green combination is a lot brighter than the green by itself - that was actually kind of dull. You might need more than one Star Shower to cover your entire house, for larger houses especially. Now, with each of these running about $40 a pop, that could get expensive, but the Star Shower gets a star in my book. 

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