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When you think you know everything, check online


So, I’m strolling down Capitol Street in Charleston, taking in the joyous FestivALL celebration when I notice a pair of young boys smirking at my T-shirt.

Solving those devil-dog, double-word problems


Let’s play a word game. You will find the answers at the end, but if you cheat when playing Scrabble (as I do), you might cheat now. Of course, then, you would miss the fun of playing.

When not to resist the temptation of a ‘do not touch’ warning


There is a button on my computer that the salesman told me never to push. It is there to “revert back to factory settings.”

West Virginia and the new economy


West Virginia has the beginnings of a new economy, but so far that new economy is regionally based, with the state hesitant to emphasize the opportunity in a comprehensive manner.

Are private institutions truly independent?


I was asked the other day if sleep deprivation was a recent arrival in my life.“No, it’s been going on for about 23 years,” I answered — the amount of time I’ve served as a college president.

Keeping our heads even further in the cloud


Have you ever noticed that: Non-techies think computers are more powerful than they really are, and technology then does eventually progress to make the machines do pretty much what our non-technical brothers and sisters thought they were capable of all along?

Supreme Court invalidates labor relations board appointments


The United States Supreme Court has invalidated the “recess” appointments of three members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) who were appointed in January 2012 while the U.S. Senate was not in recess.

Going for the gold in the foot-in-mouth Olympics


We’ve all done it: blurted out something so completely tactless and insensitive that the only cure is crawling under a rock. Just as bad is wanting to say something to make a situation better and not having the nerve. Unfortunately, the first instance in my experience is far more prevalent than the latter.

Hemlock decline has many consequences for WV


Dave Arnold, co-owner of Fayetteville-based Adventures on the Gorge, tells a story familiar to anyone who spends days surrounded by forests and trees in the Appalachian Mountains.



Are you concerned that your child is spending too much time in front of a screen? TV, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices are at our children’s fingertips and also standing between them and active lives.

Take a trip ‘down under’ for a good glass of wine


Australian wines have been among my favorite sippers for more than three decades, ever since I locked my purple-stained lips around a glass of Penfold’s Grange Hermitage. The Grange, which set the standard for shiraz, is still among the most coveted red wines on the planet.

Urban wealth, economic growth in WV cities


The degree to which West Virginia prospers in the future will depend, to a large extent, on the prosperity and growth of its cities.

Adventures on the Gorge helps travelers vacation their own way


“What vacation is right for me?” That’s the question our vacation specialists get asked every day. It is their job to guide callers to the vacations that are right for their budgets, schedules and travel groups.

Planning is key to ensuring integrity of electronic health information, data


Our society is moving more and more toward the use of electronic health data and records, and this is bringing about new opportunities and new challenges. One key challenge is the proper protection and maintenance of electronic health data on patients.

WV towns still have room to angle for D.C. dollars


As the national economy goes, so goes tourism, in many cases. Although hard times continue to haunt many parts of the country, West Virginia’s eastern counties have found a virtual pot of gold in Washington, D.C. residents with full wallets looking for a place to get away.

Letter to the editor: Public should take advantage of cannabis comment period


Soon, we will have a chance to usher in a new and exciting industry in West Virginia. Industrial Agricultural Cannabis Hemp is making a worldwide comeback and new rules and Legislation for West Virginia Hemp Operations is forthcoming.

Celebrating Independence Day or the Fourth of July


It was Independence Day. Hot wind whipped my hair around my face as I stood in the back of our neighbor’s pickup truck. We rumbled along a skinny blacktop road but soon turned onto a dirt road leading to a large field. Flowing nearby, a taffy-colored river offered a swimming hole. Upon arrival we unloaded picnic supplies.

State gets poor grade in manufacturing, logistics report


The 2014 Manufacturing and Logistics Report prepared by Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research ranked West Virginia with an “F” in “human capital,” “worker benefit costs” and “expected liability gap.”

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