Sharpe Hospital workers rally in Weston

WESTON, W.Va - Employees at a local hospital were out rallying for some changes Friday morning.

Members of UE Local 170 at Sharpe Hospital were protesting at the hospital's entrance, demanding changes from hospital administration and in Charleston.

Sharpe Hospital recently lost its Medicare qualification, and has dozens of positions unfilled.

Union leaders said DHHR Secretary Bill Crouch should be replaced as part of the changes needed there.

"They lost their funding from Medicare and Medicaid, and they need to get that back, and they need to treat the patients in a fair way and let them stay with the doctors and employees that they've grown used to," said Donna Morgan, regional president of UE Local 170, which represents Sharpe employees.

Union members are also asking for safer working conditions and a greater staff-to-patient ratio.

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