Alex Hines, Weekend Anchor/Reporter

"I've been here with WBOY since 2010, starting as a cameraman and then becoming a reporter and now weekend anchor. I still report and cover stories in Lewis, Gilmer, Upshur and Webster Counties. I was able to eat most anything for a long time growing up, but starting in college that began to change, and the weight piled on. I started going to the gym regularly last year, but I still haven't been able to shed a lot of the pounds. I certainly have plenty to lose now, so I'm hoping to make some changes to start shedding weight this year!"


Bob, Chief Engineer

Bob has been with WBOY for 29 years. He joined the contest in hopes to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Chad Cooper, Digital Media Manager

"I work for WBOY as the Digital Media Manager, running our website and digital ad sales departments. I am a father to three AWESOME boys and the husband of one AMAZING wife. I have never been what you would consider a small person but after breaking my leg a year and a half ago things kind of went down hill, and I put on an additional 45 pounds. I am hoping this program can give me a kick start and take some, if not all, of that additional weight off so that I can get back in the gym to take care of the rest."

Dave Stingo, General Sales Manager

Dave has been with us for over 16 years.  He has been in local television since 1987.  Dave is very happily married to Traci Stingo.  They have two children; Victoria, 22, and Matthew, 14.  Dave is very competitive and plans to win this contest hands down!

Derek Dawson, Integrated Digital Specialist

"I've been with WBOY for 8 months as the Integrated Digital Specialist focusing on Targeted Digital Advertising. My amazing wife's name is Adrienne Dawson and I have 3 beautiful and talented children Aubrey, Powers and Ryker. I grew up like most kids back in the day playing sports and being very active outside (unlike most kids today). I never had a problem maintaining a healthy weight and could eat pretty much anything without gaining anything additional until I hit my early 30's and then the weight started adding. I'm hoping this program will be a great jump start to a healthier me and looking forward to the journey to get there."

John Julian, Multimedia Sales Consultant

"I have worked at WBOY since November of 2016. I live in Bridgeport, WV with my wife and two sons who are 9 and 6-years-old.  I decided to enter the contest to lose a few unwanted pounds and create a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family."

Michele Beto, Multimedia Sales Consultant

Michele has worked at WBOY for the last 11 years. She lives in Bridgeport.  Michele decided to enter the contest to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle, to feel and look better.

Traci Stingo, Wife of General Sales Manager Dave Stingo

Traci and Dave reside in Shinnston. Traci is a busy mom of a teenage son and the office manager for a local sleep disorder center. She has struggled with her weight most of her life. Although she has maintained a 115 pound weight loss for the past 2 years, she eagerly accepted our weight loss challenge. She hopes to continue to improve her health and to make healthy choices and changes with her husband that will have a positive impact on their entire family.

Weight Loss Scoreboard

Place Name Weight Loss Percentage
1st Chad 12.2%
2nd Bob 11.79%
3rd Derek 9.41%
4th John 7.45%
5th Alex 7.40%
6th Michele 5.97%
7th Traci 4.73%
8th Dave 4.11%