School Building Authority prioritizes health and safety needs

SBA will make final proposal decisions December 11

W.Va. - The School Building Authority heard proposals from nearly 30 West Virginia counties, and funds will be appropriated December 11.  

Proposals from 28 counties total more than $120 million dollars, and the SBA has a budget of $50 million to distribute. SBA Executive Director Frank Blackwell says the SBA Board prioritizes projects that are immediate safety and health needs and works to fund projects on a long-term agreement.

“The Board tries to look at what the financial outlays going to be over a period of time, and that way they can fund more project s or get more projects started then they would normally because they are not allocating all the money in one year for a $15 million project," said Blackwell.

Three county school systems are requesting construction for new schools, and funds can be broken down and dispersed over several years.  

Stay with us for the official word on which proposals were approved.

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