Tucker County High School students learn prescription drug prevention

WVU students visit Tucker County to teach students about drug prevention

HAMBLETON, W.V. - The West Virginia Attorney General’s Office is working in collaboration with WVU’s School of Pharmacology, to teach high school and middle school students throughout the state all about drug prevention. 

Several of WVU’s pharmacology students are talking to students in Tucker County about drug prevention, tolerance, and addiction.

The Attorney General’s Office designs a curriculum and coordinates events, like the one at Tucker County High School, to provide students with a detailed understanding of the crisis in the state from a medical standpoint.

“To us pharmacy students, everything is a drug, but maybe for regular people, drugs are just the stuff off the streets, like heroin and stuff like that.  We just use the term differently than people, but to us, if we use them correctly it brings a lot of benefits. It is just that some people are using them beyond the scope they’re recommended for,” said Pharmacy Student Kenny Serrano.

Pharmacology students are working with nursing students to give information on the full scope of the issues the state’s population is having.

The curriculum covered many aspects of the opioid epidemic.  Students learned about prescription drug abuse, drug prevention, and the long-term impact of drug use.

“If we find out about this early enough, we can stop us or our friends or family from overdosing, and we can seek help for them,” said Tucker County High School Student Alexis Evers.

The goal is to teach as much as possible and intervene early so students are aware of the dangers of drug addiction.

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