Wetzel County school bus crashes with 48 students on board

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil says there were no apparent serious injuries after an early morning school bus accident in Wetzel County Tuesday.

He said 48 students were on board the bus at about 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of Foundry Street and Route 2 when the bus collided with another vehicle.

Wetzel County School Superintendent Ed Toman said, according to policy, the driver was immediately taken for a drug test, and all the students' parents were called to the scene.

Toman said two school nurses along with paramedics were on the scene for a preliminary examination of the students. 

He said about half the students said they were fine and chose to board another bus to go on to school.

Others were taken by their parents or by ambulance to the emergency room for further examination.

The police chief said they are still investigating the incident. They plan to examine the bus surveillance video to determine what happened.

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