Basement Systems: Melting snow and ice can cause basement problems

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. - With the snow melting and the new rainfall, many people may be experiencing damage in their basement. 

Representatives from Basement Systems of West Virginia in Clarksburg said that many people only think about their basement flooding in the summer, but flooding can easily happen in the winter as well.

With the warm weather and more rain and snow coming, Basement Systems said to be aware of what is happening in the basement.  

"That causes the snow to melt which means you do have the potential for a flooded basement, water coming in the floor and the walls and also just creating a damp, musty smell so we offer a free inspection and estimate to come and have your basement or crawl space checked out," said Elizabeth Freeman, Basement Systems of West Virginia. 

Basement Systems is located at 1807 West Pike Street in Clarksburg. 

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