Turning New Year's resolutions into habits you can keep

BRIDGEPORT - Many of us will be starting the New Year off with health resolutions.

The holidays bring a lot of sweet treats and sometimes we overindulge. To start the New Year, we may want to make big goals but a dietitian with United Hospital Center says to think small when it comes to changes. 

She said that we often make our goals unattainable and then become discouraged. This year make small changes you know you can keep. 

Sometimes we skip breakfast in an effort to eat less but that isn’t always the right idea. 

"A lot of people do tend to skip meals thinking that is better and they are going to lose weight faster and  that is actually not the best way to do it at all. I have a lot of people that skip breakfast and that actually is a way to start your metabolism working quicker and sooner is to actually have breakfast," said United Hospital Center's registered dietitian, Sherry Spagnuolo. 

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