Celebrating Volunteers: Melodee Price

Spring is officially here and that means people tend to spend more time outside.

An Elkins resident, Melodee Price, spends her free time brightening up the city through Elkins "Make It Shine."

"I think it's contagious," says Elkins Make It Shine Director Melodee Price. "Other citizens will step up when they see that their neighbors are doing a little bit more and are out lending a hand."

A year ago, Melodee Price was searching for tire collection locations on the state's DEP website, when she found make it shine. 
She decided to start a program in Elkins. 

"Going along say railroad tracks different streets downtown going down alleyways even," said Price. 

The first cleanup event last April stretched into May, and involved various business owners, church youth groups, and children's service organizations. 

"Picking up litter. Showing support for Elkins," said Price.  "That's it not just the responsibility of the city workers to help."

Melodee took the project one step further. 

"Dumpster painting contest," said Price.  "Where local artists would adopt a dumpster and were allowed to put any type of creation. Dumpsters are ugly there is nothing exciting about them. But now we've created something that gives it a little jazz for our town."

Dumpster paintings feature a train, a tomato, as well as a floral scene.

"People really got involved and were interested in that because it was creative and something different," said Price. 
As an Elkins native, Melodee says she's proud of the work residents have accomplished. 

"Donating your time or resources then it shows you are interested and invested," said Price. 

With another cleanup day scheduled for April, Melodee said she hopes visitors appreciate the work of Make It Shine. 

"So we need the people that visit to come back and if you have a town that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting with their people i think we can have return visitors," said Price. 

The next Elkins Make It Shine event is April 1.

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