Celebrating Volunteers

Celebrating Volunteers: Michael Malfregeot

July marks two years since WBOY partnered with The Miley Legal group to start the series Celebrating Volunteers. 

WBOY recognizes individuals in our community who spend their free giving back to the community. 

This month WBOY honors a young professional in Harrison County. 

Clarksburg native Michael Malfregeot spends his days working as a banker but his free time is spent literally running.

His passion for the sport lead him to help create the first trail run in Harrison county to benefit the United Way. 

For over 20 years, Michael Malfregeot has laced up his running shoes and hit the road. 

"We had a dog growing up so when I was a young kid I would attempt, attempt to jog around the neighborhood with a golden retriever," said Malfregeot. "So that was sort of my initial spark with getting involved with the running world."

Dozens of races later, Michael now volunteers to help other runners develop their passion for the sport. 

"Just never stopped," said Malfregeot. "Always stayed with it. Developed relationships with people who also had a passion for running and a passion for community involvement."

That lead him to partner with fellow runner Tom Rhine to create the first trail run in Harrison county, Test the Watters Trail 5k and 15k in 2016 at Watters Smith State Park.

"I helped with sort of pre-registering and registering of the race getting it out online, getting it certified with the track association," said Malfregeot. "Helped a-lot with the media and advertising and the social media side. Developed the brochures. Just to spread the word."

Last year's race raised $5,000 for the United Way of Harrison County with 90 participants. 

"That's why this race is important," said Malfregeot.  "Because of the work the United Way does in our community, that's an extra incentive for us to make sure we work our hardest on our race. So it can be as successful as possible."

As Michael gears up for this fall's race, he encourages everyone to volunteer.

"Be kind to people. being kind to those around you only makes the community and the area we live in better," said Malfregeot.  "Everyone needs help sometimes and when it's time for you need help you hope someone is there."

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