West Virginia Science Bowl held at WVU

The 27th NETL West Virginia Science Bowl was held Saturday afternoon at West Virginia University. 

High school students compete as teams in a quiz bowl format to answer questions on science, math, and engineering.

A tournament was held in the morning, where the top eight teams advanced to a double-elimination, tournament style competition.

 During the afternoon session, other hands-on activities were planned for the teams that did not advance to the tournament.

"They put in a lot of work. There's a lot of book learning, there's a lot of online resources for them to study. They do a lot of interviewing of scientists, trying to gather as much knowledge and information they can in various areas," said Ken Mechling, Coordinator of West Virginia Science Bowl.
This is one of many regional competitions held for high school teams across the country to select participants for the National Science Bowl held in Washington D.C. 

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