Restaurant Road Trip: Espresso Yourself

GRAFTON, W.Va. - In the last few months, the downtown Grafton area welcomed a number of new and newly renovated businesses to the downtown area. Espresso Yourself is one of those businesses.

A coffee shop and meeting place that focuses on local ingredients.

The shop offers a number of drinks including cappuccinos, lattés, mochas and teas. And the owners stress using local vendors and locally sourced ingredients. 

"We've got Arts and Treasures and we've been in business there six years. So we know how important it is to support the community," said Donna Hart, Espresso Yourself co-owner. 

And it's Donna and Tom Hart's other business, Arts and Treasures, that inspired Espresso Yourself's name. 

"We'll do different types of art classes in there. So I just felt it fit with the feel of the place and what we wanted to do," Hart said.

Eating delicious baked goods is on the list of what they want to do, que Euphoria Bakery.

"When I was in college my roommate and I needed some extra money, so we set up a table outside our apartment and that's what we came up with. Euphoria is an intense feeling of pleasure and I feel that's what people get when they taste my product," said Anna Ash, Euphoria Bakery owner. 

A product that's always made fresh. 

"A lot of people are used to just going to Walmart or Shop n Save and getting something that's been in the freezer for six months. You order it from me, I'm making it fresh that day or the next day," Ash said. 

From their baked goods...

"If I can't make it, I don't use it," Ash said.

To their coffee beans...

"We are an artisan roaster right there in Buckhannon that really makes sure that every roast and every bean that's roasted is to the peak of the flavor that the customers want at the coffee shops," said Sarah Wells, Mountain Roaster Coffee, owner. 

It's all local. It's all fresh. And it's all good.

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