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Restaurant Road Trip: Leonard's Grill

GRAFTON, W.Va. - Leonard's Grill is just over a month old, but it's already a popular spot in Grafton.

"I've had people come in twice on the same day. I've had people come in three times in a day. I've had people order take-out and dine-in on the same day. And they get the exact same thing in a different form or another," said Derek Watkins, Leonard's Grill owner.

The fast casual dining experience allows customers to order a wide variety of sandwiches, salads and sides by mixing and matching proteins and toppings.

"Even though I only have 25 different menu options, the combinations total over three or four hundred. So really any type of sandwich that I can make, I can make it four or five different ways," Watkins said.

And the building that houses the restaurant is formerly a grocery store. Watkins said he wanted to keep some of the history of the Downtown Grafton building by incorporating features of the original Leonard's Grocery store.

"We thrive off the nostalgia of what Grafton used to be," said Watkins.

And customers like Jacqueline G, whose grandfather worked at Leonard's back in the day, appreciate the restaurants historical elements.

"When I come in here I feel the history of the building," said Railey. "Grafton needs more places like this, the economy wasn't so great 10-20 years ago and now people are trying to build more small businesses here and I think this is exactly what Grafton needs to keep people in town."

And she said the customer service will make you feel right at home.

"Everyone that works here is really upbeat, they come and check on you multiple times. They really make you feel more like family than just a customer," Railey said.

And they take fast causal dining seriously, customers are supposed to get their food about 10 minutes after they order it. 

The restaurant also offers online ordering and curbside delivery. Entree's range from around $7 to $10 dollars. 

Visit the Leonard's Grill website, here

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