Restaurant Road Trip: Little Red Hen Bakery

This stop on the Restaurant Road Trip took us to a bakery that just opened on Adams Street in Fairmont, but already has customers lining up out the door. 

The owner said got her start at the Bridgeport Farmers Market, where her baked goods became in high demand. 

"Whether I know them by name, or it's the first time they've walked in, I want everyone to feel like they've just come into my home and feel comfortable and relaxed and hang out and feel like they've just come home themselves," said Emily Lewis, owner of the Little Red Hen Bakery. 

Lewis is making it her priority to bring hospitality to the community of Fairmont and surrounding areas, whether it's through the variety of homemade baked goods, or the rustic decor that she says brings character to the space. 

"It's a reflection of my personality and I've been all over the world. I know that I'm no spring chicken myself, and so, I'm a little worn out in places, but I'm functional. We wanted to use things that still had life left in them but maybe they've seen. They started out beautiful, but they've aged and they have patina, and I wanted that patina to show through," said Lewis.  

The full service bakery includes many sweet treats, along with fresh bread, muffins, bagels, and pepperoni rolls. Panini sandwiches and salads are served as part of the lunch menu that caters to the downtown business community. 

"We did just a very narrow menu that's going to change frequently so that people can have something fun, fresh tasting and delicious, and keep it in the short period of time that they have available to eat," Lewis said. 

"I actually work at the courthouse and it's been the rave on the streets now, is that this restaurant has opened up to provide a little bit of variety for downtown Fairmont, so I was excited to come test it out," said Tonya Collins, customer. 

The bakery is getting a reputation for their cinnamon rolls, which are known for being nearly 9 inches round, but you have to get to the Little Red Hen bright and early to get your hands on one. Another favorite sweet treat is the raspberry scone which is known as Fairmont's favorite. There are also some others on the menu that are already a hit. 

"The Turkey Bacon Ranch Panini is amazing. It's full of flavor. It's fresh. It's perfect. And the pecan rolls are definitely the hot topic here," said Collins. 

Lewis said the single best asset to her business is the people that walk in the door daily and have supported her through her years at the farmer's market.  

"They have supported me and have made it all possible because if they didn't come back every week, I wouldn't have kept going," said Lewis. 

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