Restaurant Road Trip: Mountaineer Country Ice Cream

The saying goes, 'give a man a fish, he eats for a day.' But teach a man how to find one of Morgantown's greatest hidden gems, and he will find himself hooked on one of 90 flavors of hand-dipped Hershey's ice cream! 

Teresa Walsh is the mastermind behind this marvel in the heart of Mountaineer Country. She and her husband, Mark have been running Mountaineer Country Ice Cream and Mountaineer Guns Sales for nearly a decade. "Hershey's seems to be the brand that people love. And when they hear the word we have Hershey's that brings them to the area," she asserted. 

Get one scoop or two. You can mix and match. You can also choose from 90 flavors of real Hershey's soft serve ice cream. How about a shake? Been there, done that? Make a slushy from 30 flavors and put a scoop of ice cream in it.

"And we also do traditional banana splits. And we do make your own. So maybe you want moose tracks with chocolate syrup, peanut butter caramel cookie dough with peanut butter sauce. Or maybe then you want to add a strawberry with strawberry sauce. Pick your three," proposed Mrs. Walsh. 

The average mind simply cannot process the nearly-infinite number of available combinations. So be courteous to others and try to decide expeditiously. Remember you can always come back tomorrow...and the day after that...and the day after that. 

"Actually it'd take you all summer if you came everyday and tried a new flavor," she warned. 

After you've had your fill, if you're still in the mood to take down something larger than a gummy bear, the Walsh's are happy to oblige. 

"We're selling muzzle-loader pistols, cannons and muzzle-loader rifles. We sell the ammo the holsters and the other hunting stuff," proclaimed Mrs. Walsh. And those crossbows aren't just there for the decor. They're for sale. Just like the furniture out front. 

"We encourage people to come in and get their ice cream and go look around or go outside and sit on our Amish made furniture and relax," she recommended.

Relax. And ponder life's most burning philosophical questions; like which kind to try next time! Because just when you finally decide which ice cream you want, you've got another tough decision ahead.

"We do offer a lot of cones. We offer the cookie cones, waffle cones, chocolate chip, the M&M the chocolate cones the regular waffle cones, sugar cones, cake cone and we also added this year a chocolate waffle cone," exclaimed Mrs. Walsh. 

And they offer gluten free, sugar free and lactose free options which are perfect for dogs and for people with more specific dietary restrictions. They also serve a number of regular food items such as hot dogs and sandwiches. So no matter your eating style, you're sure to find something worthwhile here at Mountaineer Country Ice Cream. They're open all year long. Summer hours are 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Heading north from Morgantown on the Point Marion Road, you'll find Mountaineer Country Ice Cream at 659 Point Marion Rd.

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