Restaurant Road Trip: Puglioni's Pasta & Pizza

In 1989, one Italian restauranteur loved his Pugs enough to name his restaurant after them! Since then, Puglioni's in Morgantown has been serving the highest quality homemade food using the freshest ingredients available, all in a causal family-oriented atmosphere. 

If you haven't heard, the restaurant recently came under new ownership. New owners, Brian Bruner and his wife, Cindy say they’ve been coming to Puglioni’s since it first opened.  These days, they say Puglioni’s is their pride and joy.

"We make everything from scratch here. I think that's been one of the successes of the restaurant, since it’s been here since 1989. All of our pasta, all of our bread, our pizza doughs, everything is made fresh daily," boasted Brian.

Everything at Puglioni’s is made fresh, in-house every day. So, the pizza or shrimp diablo you order for lunch and dinner started as dry ingredients that morning. That's the way it’s been for nearly 30 years.  

“People love our sauces. They'd loved it forever. So, the sauce recipes are the original. It’s just something that doesn't need changed. They always say if it’s not broke don't fix it. That's exactly what we're doing,” acknowledged Bruner. 

Regulars here know that there's sometimes a long wait for a table. They also know the exquisite quality and massive dishes like the chicken Parmesan, more than makes up for the wait. 

“You can't beat our chicken Parmesan. Even the chicken is hand-breaded, Bruner commented. 

Regulars also probably noticed a new wine rack and some subtle changes to the menu recently.

“I'm kind of a wine guy myself. We changed the wine menu over to a little bit better wines. We do have several restaurant exclusive wines that you can't buy in the stores, you can only get here,” Brian asserted. These were the only changes made to the long-standing menu.

They keep several craft beers on a rotating tap for the beer lovers!

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