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Restaurant Road Trip: Stonewall Coffee

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. - Stonewall Jackson is a key figure in the history of West Virginia, and you'll find his likeness in many locations. But these days, you can find him at a popular coffee shop bearing his name.

It's a family-run business in the heart of downtown Clarksburg.  The two youngest Zakariasen boys each serve the role of barista. Their older brother is an artist in his own right, designing a portrait of Jackson using only pennies.

"It's eight different shades of pennies he used to make the portrait - 3,193 pennies, or something like that," said owner Sarah Zakariasen.

But at Stonewall Coffee, everyone is family, including the customers who make the coffee shop feel more like a home than a business.

"We have people come in every day. We know exactly what they're going to order," said Sarah.

"Our customers have just been fabulous.  We get lawyers, people who have just been over at the dentist, people who have been over at the courthouse, people who are coming downtown for whatever reason," said owner Kevin Zakariasen.

There's a reason those people keep coming back: the espresso specialties.

"The number one seller is our Stonewall Mocha.  That is espresso, steamed milk, caramel and white chocolate.  We use Armando's Blend, which is a medium roast coffee, and we have a great coffee roaster in Columbus, Ohio," said Sarah.

Many of those drinks can be made sugar free or with almond or soy milk.  Then, there are seasonal favorites.

"People remember. Can I still get the double-chocolate blast or the cinnamon mocha?" said Sarah.

"During the holidays, I make sure I get the pumpkin hot chocolate," said customer Jacquelin Snider

There's also hot chocolate freezes,  shake-it-up teas, and much more.

"We have cinnamon rolls on Thursday and Friday, caramel pecan rolls on Friday, and all through the week, we have fresh blueberry muffins and a variety of cookies.  We also have some great biscotti that we do order in," said Sarah.

Patrons can rent out a private meeting room - free of charge.  It's just another intimate feature that makes customers feel welcome.

"Oh my gosh, they're so nice. They have a smile on their face every time you come in.  It's very comfortable.  It's like coming into your living room, sitting down with friends, and having a coffee," said Snider.

You'll find Stonewall Coffee on Court Street in Clarksburg, directly to the right of the Harrison County Courthouse.

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