Restaurant Road Trip

Restaurant Road Trip: The Sip Station

"Take life one sip at a time."  That's the motto of Marion County's newest mobile establishment, The Sip Station.

"It really got started as a joke last year. My fiance had gone to a car show in Columbus, Ohio, and he sent me a picture of the cutest ice cream truck you've ever seen in your life," said owner Kim Wherley.

That led to Wherley purchasing a snow cone cart.

"People would say, 'Do you have coffee? Do you have lemonade? Do you have anything else to drink?" said Wherley. "We need something bigger we can drive, and can add drinks.' There's not really a mobile beverage truck because food trucks are the up-and-coming thing."

While it does offer cookies and occasionally chocolate-covered bananas, The Sip Station specializes in everyone's favorite beverages, such as frozen frappuccinos, ice-cold lemonade and much more!

"Our most popular are probably our snow cones. They're great for the kids. They like being able to put their own flavors on. Our iced coffee is wonderful. We cold-brew it and steam it for 24 hours," said Wherley.

Another favorite is the Italian Cream Soda.

"It tastes just like a Dreamsicle that you had when you were a kid," said customer Vicki Hendrix.

"Some people don't know what it is, but it's refreshing and creamy."That's a recipe we brought from North Dakota from our friends," said Wherley.

Speaking of friends, Wherley said getting to know her customers across Marion County is one of the best perks of running a successful business.

"One of my special customers - sometimes, he'll come 2-3 times a day. So we really enjoy meeting new people and meeting regulars and seeing everyone happy," said Wherley. 

Many of those customers, more than 2500 to be exact, learn about The Sip Station stops from social media.

"You don't really get that long of a lunch hour, so it's nice. It makes it convenient," said Hendrix.

"We have to have a big, flat parking spot in a high-traffic area. We love setting up at different businesses around town," said Wherley.  "We're not out every day, which makes it kind of fun because when we are out, they have to chase us."

You'll see The Sip Station out and about all around Marion County. Prices are all under $5.

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