Restaurant Road Trip

Restaurant Road Trip: The Social Tap

"The name says it all, 'The Social Tap'.

"We want people to come in. We want people to talk to each other. I mean I know that a lot of people say this but staying off of cell phones and getting to know people and having drinks and having a good time," said co-owner Patrick Oliverio, when talking about the atmosphere at the new bar and restaurant in Bridgeport.

Friendship always pairs well with food.

Oliverio said most of the creations on the menu came from ideas he got while traveling to sporting events with his friends and family.

"So we kind of took the brisket, the pulled pork off of some of the menus out there and kind of just spun our own stuff to it but we brought a lot of stuff together from different places," added Oliverio when he talked about where he got the idea for items on the menu.

Oliverio may have traveled far and wide to cheer on the Mountaineers but everything in The Social Tap's kitchen includes local flavor, from fresh salsa to the hands that make it and Oliverio said the food is about bringing people together, hence the name 'The Social Tap' but even though you can wash the food down with a cold one, beer being on tap is not part of the name.

Oliverios said, "Actually tap doesn't go with the tap beer. Trey and Alek and Patrick are our names."

"I think its different because again its just local people that you know. You know that you are going to get genuine good service here. You know that you are going to see familiar faces and just really be able to be personable with the people who are trying to serve you and its just a great atmosphere over all," said Stephanie Alvaro, waitress, when asked about what makes The Social Tap different from other places.

Most customers and staff tend to agree that the brisket nachos are a hit and reporter Elayna Conard sat down with Oliverio to try more popular items.

"We have brisket nachos, Mahi taco, the Roethlisberger, and the mac and cheese sticks," said Oliverio about some of the restaurant's popular choices.

Oliverio suggested Conard try the Roethlisberger because he said its probably their most popular burger.

When asked what makes the burger special, Oliverio said,"It has fries on top and I think its probably our most popular burger and its really good."

The Social Tap is located at 2036 Annmoore Road in Bridgeport. They are open every day except Monday from 4 p.m. until midnight.

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