Restaurant Road Trip: The Social

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. - Beer and cheese is a combination that many people enjoy. A new restaurant in Upshur County prominently features both, and customers are coming back for more.

"There's a college in town. We wanted a place where they could do their homework - with a coffee shop vibe - but with alcohol," said Katie De La Vega, co-owner of The Social. 

It's a new twist - on an old classic.

"Bar and Grilled Cheese. We thought, 'Let's go with that,'" said De La Vega.

Throw in Lord Chaquita and a wide selection of craft beer, and you get one of the area's unique establishments that surely lives up to its name  -- The Social.

"On the weekends in here, it's wall-to-wall. Every day, we're getting more locals in here, which is great," said De La Vega.  "It's very odd to me that sororities and fraternities are such a big part of my life at this point."

An ideal hangout for people from all walks of life, the restaurant opened its doors earlier this year in downtown Buckhannon.

"It's really nice to walk in and see familiar faces. I knew there were other professors who came over and recreated here...played pool and what not," said Greg Popovich, a regular at The Social.

"I like the environment. It's pretty chill --- no smoking. They're super nice," said Brandy Hicks of Buckhannon.

"We just wanted it to be kind of a silly, goofy hipster vibe," said De La Vega.

That old-school, eclectic feel carries over to its menu. The Social's cocktail menu is inspired by vintage and contemporary recipes and includes Mermaid Water and the Bobcat Bourbon. Then, there's the grilled cheese.

"The most popular is definitely the Reuben, and the Jalapeno Popper. Everyone loves those," said De La Vega. "My personal favorite is the Caprese."

As for the beer?

"We have 20 beers now. We have a few IPAs.  We have several dark beers. We like seasonal beers, and we like to add different things," said De La Vega. 

"They actually have a unique selection. They offer Angry Orchard on tap, which is my favorite drink. And they do something really fancy where they put brown sugar and cinnamon, which is one of my favorites," said Kristy Henson, a regular at The Social.

"Just kind of make it a place where college kids and younger crowd can feel comfortable," said De La Vega.

The Social is located on North Kanawha Street in Buckhannon. It's open Tuesday thru Saturday from 4 pm to 3 am.

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