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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The Tea Shoppe holds a lot of character being nestled in The Seneca Center in Morgantown. Complete with brick lined walls and worn wooden floors.

"It's very relaxing in here. You know you're coming in here, you're gonna sit down, you're gonna relax  and have a cup of tea, and you're gonna have a conversation with your friend. The tea's not in a paper cup, the music's not to loud, there's not a lot of noise around, you can see it's a brighter room, and we want that atmosphere. We want you to sit down and relax and enjoy your tea. Enjoy your friends," said Lisa Biafore, The Tea Shoppe.

"Well we carry a little over 140 teas right now. And we're always looking for new ones. You know kinda swapping them out with what's working and what's not working, that type of thing. But the other aspect of it is the tea room. And in the tea room we do serve the typical English or British afternoon tea service. And everything will come out on a three tier tray and everything's real bite size. And the concept behind it was - it's supposed to be for the ladies to have in the afternoon between lunch and dinner.  Just kinda to stake their appetite because dinner was always so much later. So that's the concept really," Biafore said. 

"Most of our tea comes from China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, we also do get some from Africa, from Kenya. We also get them from South Africa that's where our rooibos comes from, our red teas," Biafore continued. 

The Tea Shoppe also offers salads and sandwiches alongside their variety of teas from across the world.

"But also, in order to support Morgantown better we no expanded to full size sandwiches, full size salads. We do soups, quiche, we back. Everything here is done on site. We do our beef and bleu which is our roast beef and that comes with bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. And that comes on the ciabatta. Probably our most popular is our Tarragon Chicken Salad," said Biafore.

"We also hold monthly tea tastings and they're usually the second Wednesday of every month. And that just gives people the opportunity to try some different teas and to learn about tea cause there's a lot more to it than most people think. We also think that if you say you don't like tea, then you probably haven't had good tea or it probably hasn't been prepared properly. And that's the one thing we try to do with the tea tasting is we take the time to show people what's the best way to prepare the tea so it doesn't come out bitter," Biafore said.

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