Test It Tuesday: Better Brella

The first day of summer is finally upon us, but that doesn't mean the springtime showers are over, so you better have the right tools! The Better Brella's reverse open-close technology claims to keep you dry, no matter what!

To try it out, we enlisted the help of WBOY Chief Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman!

"We're in that summertime pattern right now, so pretty much, chances of storms each and every day. You know me, Lauren, I go from school to the station. I'm out of the house pretty much all day every day. So it's nice to keep an umbrella. I normally keep one in the backseat," said Schuerman.

Before we got started, I asked Schuerman about his initial impressions of the product.

"I'm really intrigued how it would hold the rain, so when you get into your car, you pull your umbrella in to close it, the rain normally goes on you. This one says it will catch the rain. If you've been out in some of the gusty winds we've had with some of these storms, your umbrella normally turns inside out, and it's pretty much a waste. This one says it won't do that, so I'm really excited to try this out and see how it holds up," said Schuerman.

We shot our report on a beautiful day, so we had to create our own precipitation. So it was time to make it rain! Using a hose, we did just that - and the Better Brella protected Bryan as he was getting in and out of the car.

Then it was time for the wind test! Our driver went 25 miles-per-hour. I held a standard umbrella outside of the window. Bryan had the Better Brella. My umbrella completely broke. The Better Brella held up really well. 

"The Better Brella did turn inside out, but when we slowed down, it popped right back into place, and I was able to close it pretty quickly. With the water, it caught it, and when I opened it, it fell out, so I didn't get wet. We put it through the ringer, with the rain and the wind today, and it really held its own, so I really do think it's worth $19.99," said Schuerman.

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