Test It Tuesday: Tornado Topper

The Tornado Topper claims to be your 6-in-1 solution to opening just about anything in the kitchen, but will it soon be at the top of your shopping list? 

We lined up a glass bottle, energy drink, bottled soda, can of Spaghetti-Os, and jar of sauce to see which items would easily be opened.

We started with the root beer bottle using the bottle-opening feature of the Tornado Topper. Two things I just noticed about the Tornado Topper that I didn't see before: they have this nice little "How-To" guide so you can figure out which part of it to use for which can or bottle. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, but there's a slit on the bottom that supposedly, helps you to open cans.

We used the rubber part in the inside instead of a rubber gripper that you would use to open a very stubborn bottle. That was easy. And the can worked too! Last but not least, we are going to open up this jar of spaghetti sauce with this part on the side. That worked too.

We only tested five items instead of six because I could not find anything with a pull-tab to use for the pull-tab clip. That being said, all five items were successfully opened by the Tornado Topper. It was definitely a great product - very, very sturdy, and it's only five bucks, so it really is the perfect addition to your picnic, tailgate, or really, any outdoor activity.

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