Marion County Christmas Toy Shop provides toys for over 1,000 families

FAIRMONT - The Marion County Christmas Toy Shop provided gifts for nearly 1,000 families on Friday.

This event started nine years ago when the Marion County Commission partnered with the Council of Churches. 

They feel that every child should have a Christmas and made a way for toys to be provided for low income families. 

This is made possible by donations from the community. 

Toy shop volunteers help parents walk the aisles designated for each age group. 

"You know, it's very rewarding, especially when you walk around with some of these parents that would have had no other way to get something under the tree for their kids. So it's really humbling to listen to those stories," said Belinda Biafore, Marion County Economic Development Office.  

Items included board games, books, and toys, all for infant to high school aged kids. 

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