Restaurant Road Trip: Frankie's Pizza

First-ever pizzeria opens in downtwon Beverly

BEVERLY, W.Va. - A brand new pizzeria has opened its doors in Randolph County and is already a local favorite.

Three friends opened the doors to the first-ever pizzeria in downtown Beverly on January 30.

“We knew that there was a need for a pizza shop that delivered.  So, we needed to fill that spot, and we knew we could do it,” said Co-Owner Carrie Utt.

The owners say they were hopeful for local customers, but were surprised that their slow opening turned into such a success.

“We wanted to do a slow open, and the very first customer came in and purchased a pizza, took a photograph, posted it on Facebook, and it exploded,” said Utt.

Since opening, hundreds of pizzas have flown out of the kitchen, and customers love the classic cheese.

“We have an original oven, the pull-down oven.  We don’t use conveyors, which actually cooks the pizza a little different.  It cooks it much faster.  Ours is a slow bake, and even though it takes longer to get it, the dough—we hand make our dough every day.  So when we pat out the dough, when it goes in the oven, it comes out, and it tastes incredible,” continued Utt.

The pizzeria got the name Frankie’s from Frank Santmyer, the man who taught all three owners how to make their delicious recipes.

The menu is full of customer pizza favorites, original dough recipes, and creative calzones and sandwiches.

Whether it be for a business lunch, Sunday brunch or dinner with the family, Frankie’s has something for everyone.

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