Woodlands Development Group to revitalize downtown Elkins building

Tygart Hotel redevelopment project underway

ELKINS, W.Va. - The Woodlands Development Group has bought and taken over management of the 206 Apartments, formerly known as the Tygart Hotel, in downtown Elkins. The building was sold to Woodlands for $700,000, and the group plans to spend several million to redevelop the property.  

The group plans to convert the 35 apartment living spaces into a 65 room boutique hotel by working with a rural boutique hotel development company.

“The building has kind of gone downhill over the last few years, and as a nonprofit community development organization, we wanted to see what we could do to help fix it up.  It is kind of a linchpin; it’s a central building to Elkins.  We worked with some of the partners we have at the national level and found some people who do boutique hotel development,” said Woodlands Development Group Executive Director Dave Clark.

This is a very large project for the group, and if plans for the hotel are not successful, the group hopes to maintain the apartment living spaces after much-needed repairs and redesign are made.

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