Biological game check-in held in 3 West Virginia counties

FRENCH CREEK - The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is collecting biological data from the ongoing deer hunting season.

Data collection began Monday and continued through Tuesday evening in Upshur, Mason and Hampshire counties.

The DNR is recording several aspects about the deer, including age, teeth wear, the spread distance of the antlers and the possibility of disease.

"With the implementation of the electronic game check, we lost the ability to collect data on deer that were being brought into check stations as they had been in the past, so this is a way, in Upshur and Mason counties, where we can get more hands on deer and get an idea of what the age structure is and be able to know a little bit more about the local populations," said Tyler Evans, a wildlife biologist.

The mandatory biological check for all three counties continues through 8 p.m. Tuesday evening.

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