Snowshoe Mountain opens ski season with big expectations

Ski season opens at Snowshoe Mountain with more than 150 enthusiasts

SNOWSHOE, W.Va. - Snowshoe Mountain kicked off West Virginia ski season Friday morning with more than 150 skiers and snowboarders ready to head down the mountain.

The number 1 mountain resort in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions opened the 2017/2018 ski season with 9 trails and more than 30 acres of skiable terrain and officials are hopeful for a great year.

“We’re doing a lot better than we have been in the last two or three years.  We have cold temperatures coming this week; I’m looking forward to that and opening more terrain as the day goes on,” said Lead Patrol Supervisor Will Allen.

The first snowfall laid down a good start and snow guns are working at a steady pace to lay pack down on the open slopes and expand to new ones.

“We have a plan in place right now where we will beef up those areas as needed and continue to expand at the same time.  We’re not keeping the cards that close to our chest, and we are going to start to expand terrain as soon as we are about to get the guns back on,” said Operations Director Ken Gaitor.

Skiers and snowboarders have been enjoying the slopes and instructors are hoping for a great snowfall to really excite guests.

“Every year we always hope for that big, epic snow where you come out and your waist-deep in powder, but sometimes being a little bit southern you’ve got to take what you can get, and for this season I hope that we get one good dump of snow and if that happens I’ll be stoked,” said Instructor and Mountain Supervisor Felicia Key.

Mountain officials are hoping for a season of more than 300,000 winter sport enthusiasts.

Expectations are high for this year’s ski season and with a little cooperation from the weather more slopes will be open just in time for the holidays. 

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