WV Broadband Enhancement Council meets to discuss data collection

Enhancement Council urges residents to participate in broadband speed testing

W.Va. - The West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council met in Charleston Thursday to discuss rural broadband development plans to extend access into underserved areas.  

The Council has been working on compiling information about broadband service in rural areas and is encouraging communities to participate in speed testing.  Robbie Morris, vice chairman, said the speed tests will help the council determine areas with the greatest need.

“We’re comparing those speed tests to what the FCC says certain areas are receiving from various providers throughout the state, and then looking at underserved and unserved areas and what we can do to bring funding opportunities,” said Morris.

The council is also working to draft packets of information on grant funding and necessary criteria for communities who may need assistance moving forward.  For more information and to take the speed test, visit the West Virginia Broadband Enhancement website at broadband.wv.gov.

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