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Chris Marrs


Chris is a video journalist and satellite truck technician at WBOY. He came to the Mountain State from sunny northern California in 1991. A 1995 graduate of the then Salem-Teikyo University, Chris chose to take on a newly created night side position at the station after finishing his internship in 1994. "I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get my foot in the door at an NBC television station fresh out of college".

Chris says the most enjoyable part of his job is the variety it offers everyday. "I never know what my next assignment is going to be. I love going out into the field everyday, interviewing interesting people, videotaping the story and then going back to the station to put it all together." Once Chris gets back to the station, he writes, edits and puts the story together so "someone prettier than me" can read it on the air.

On the personal level, Chris is a single father of two young children. "My kids are my life. Everything I do revolves around them." Chris has two very important goals in life. "Other than giving my children everything they deserve in this life, including instilling in them strong character, high morals and dedication to FAMILY, traits that I learned from my parents, I would also like to someday see the Titans win a Super Bowl!"