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Cristi's Cook Shack

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CLEVELAND -- Cristi's Cook Shack sits along Route 20 as you cross into Webster County from Upshur County, and the restaurant and its owner, Cristi Cornett, are ready to welcome in anyone who passes by.

Cornett moved to Webster County a few years ago before deciding to open the Cook Shack. She says the community made her feel welcome after the move, so when she opened the restaurant, she wanted it to be a place that gave her customers the same feeling.

"We thought the community would welcome it, we thought they would enjoy it, we thought they would feel comfortable being in here instead of some hoity-toity new restaurant that's trying to open up in Cleveland, West Virginia," says Cornett.

The Cook Shack also has a small convenience store to provide some supplies for the area, but one thing you won't find in the store are some kitchen basics. For those, just ask Cristi. She's willing to part with whatever a customer may need to finish a recipe.

"If somebody were to come in and say, well I need a cup of flour, well, I'll sell you a cup of flour, if you need one egg, I'll sell you one egg. You don't have to buy a dozen here just to get you by. If you want a dozen, I'll sell you a dozen!" she says.

Cristi even bakes her own bread and she has a hard time keeping it on the shelves.

"On Sunday, I had to turn people away because I had no more bread to sell. So they really enjoy having the homemade bread available," Cornett says.

And if everything's about the location in business, the Cook Shack's in a perfect spot. The closest place to shop, let alone go out to eat, is Rock Cave or Hacker Valley, so the Restaurant brings all that closer to home for northern Webster County.

"Today, I was working up on the roof, and I just come down, hop in the van, come down here in about two minutes, got me a burger and went back up, didn't have to take time to cook and all that stuff," says Richard Ferrell, a regular at the Cook Shack.

Ferrell's not the only one happy to have a place so near.

Lynn Cutlip is another regular to the restaurant, and he agrees with Ferrell.

"It is very nice, because before you would have least have to drive to Buckhannon or Clarksburg to Applebee's, and I get the same quality food if not better right here, and it's two minutes from my house. It's nice," says Cutlip.