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Keeping Healthy With Holiday Urges

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You might be glad to hear that it's actually okay to gain weight in the winter.

Now here's the catch.

"If you're gaining more than 2 pounds than that's probably in excess,"said Jim Severino, nutritionist.

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas looming in the future you could gain it pretty quickly.

" A lot of people gained two pounds between thanksgiving and Christmas," said Severino.

"A lot of people have nothing to do. Stay in the house, watch television, and eat," said Sam.

But here's something to be thankful for this season

"It's important that we enjoy what we eat. Go ahead and enjoy yourself," said Severino.

Some tricks for still enjoying the treats are:

"Just watch what you eat, watch your portions. Don't over do it. When you're full you're full. Don't go back for seconds," said Amanda Daugherty, while shopping for the holiday.

" It's not always what you're eating, it's how much of it you're eating," said Severino.

"We're doing things sugar free, no added salt. We're just watching how we cook things," said Daugherty.

You can still enjoy next Thursday just don't overdo it. Make sure you're setting yourself up to behave all season long.

"Stick things right in the freezer so they won't be going back to the fridge time and time again. If people know they are going to be out shopping and gone a long time, take a snack with you so you won't be enticed to eat out more than you should," said Severino.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind this season:

  • Keep it simple. Fewer ingredients tends to equal fewer calories. For example, serve green beans instead of green bean casserole.
  • Cut where you can ...skim milk and low calorie toppings are an easy way to conserve calories.
  • Look for products that are lower in sodium and fat content, but be careful to check the labels. Sometimes lower in salt means higher in fat.
  • Watch it on the toppings. Don't over do it with butter and gravy, these seemingly "hidden" calories can add up to more thank you think.
  • Take a walk after dinner. Get your metabolism going and prevent yourself from "picking" after dinner.