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Restaurant Road Trip: Give Hoops Cafe a Shot

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When you hear a restaurant called "Hoops" you probably picture a sports bar. Not the case for the one in Fairmont.

The owner and customers agree: it's a sports cafe with a family friendly, smoke free atmosphere with lots of wings.

So if you're feeling like winging' it, Hoops Cafe in Fairmont is the right place for you.

 "If you came in for a month straight you could probably try a different flavor every day. We have about 22 flavors on the menu and people mix and match," owner of Hoops Cafe in Fairmont Scott Bluely said.

"They are known for their wings, and there are so many different types of wings," a regular customer at Hoops Tim Wilson said

"We sell 25 thousand wings a month," Bluely said.

But if you're in the mood for a burger, baby back ribs, a salad, or just some good company Hoops should still work for you.

Especially if you like salmon salad.

"People really are starting to get in to the salmon salad here," Bluely said.

"I come for the great food and the great service," Wilson said.

Scott Bluely opened up shop about seven years ago and the day he bought it is virtually the day it opened.

"Took it over in the middle of the night. Switched everything over, put in a new menu, and went from there," Bluely said.

 And from there it skyrocketed becoming the place to be in Fairmont.

 So if you're in the area make sure to give Hoops Cafe a shot. You won't leave hungry.

"Never leave hungry," Wilson said.

And you'll never leave without a challenge. If you think you can handle the heat, try their hottest wing flavor: Tears and Snot.

But also give the Pork BBQ a taste, the owner says his customers say it's the best they've ever had.