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State Police: Grant Town Mayor Embezzles $9,300 From EMS

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The State Police have arrested Grant Town Mayor Bob Riggs on embezzlement, forgery, and uttering charges.

Riggs faces 11 felony counts.

Riggs wrote more than $9,000 worth of suspicious checks from Grant Town's EMS fund, according to the criminal complaint.

Court documents show that police received a complaint from Grant Town's VFD Chief. The chief was concerned about four suspicious checks written on the Grant Town EMS checking account between April and August.

All of the checks were signed with the names, "Robert Riggs", and "Candice Pope", the secretary and treasurer of Grant Town VFD. Riggs and Pope are the only two legal authorities to write and issues checks on this account.

State police said the investigation revealed that Riggs forged Pope's countersignature without her knowledge.

Authorities said Riggs told them he doesn't know where the money is and that he might have misplaced it.

Riggs has been very outspoken about Grant Town's EMS funding problems. He's spoken to 12 News about the difficulties of running an EMS service and volunteer fire department. In the past, Riggs has said that sky-rocketing equipment costs and lack of funding from the state was partially to blame for the emergency services' problems.

Riggs has also appeared at numerous Marion County Commission meetings over the past year. The town has borrowed tens of thousands of dollars worth of money from the county to keep its emergency services afloat.

Riggs was arraigned in Marion County Magistrate Court on Tuesday morning.

He's out on a $6,000 bond.