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Restaurant Road Trip: Firehouse Cafe

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It's Wednesday and time for another Restaurant Road Trip.

This week, we visit the Firehouse Cafe, a place that promises to 'extinguish your hunger'!

Fairmont Firefighter Mark Delbrook is heating up the kitchen at the Firehouse Cafe.

The firefighter-themed eatery is something Mark and his wife Monica have been thinking about for years.

From the walls, to the menu, everything at the Firehouse Cafe has been fireman tested and approved.

"It's something that's very near and dear to my heart," Delbrook said. "Obviously, cooking is a very big part of the fire station. We all bring in our own recipes. Everybody cooks and everybody kind of learns the ins and out of everybody's dishes. It's like a big melting pot."

The Firehouse Cafe features Texas-toast style sandwiches, smoked chicken firehouse chili, and a full-fledged coffee bar with mini-donuts and pastries.

The cafe also has daily specials, including the extremely popular chicken nuggets.

"It's all 100% skinless, boneless, chicken breast. I cut it. I marinate it overnight," he said. "The breading is my own special recipe. We bread them and fry them to order."

The chicken nuggets usually sell out within hours.

"It's moist, it's tasty, it's not greasy, it's not too salty, they're just the right size. Just pop them into your mouth. It's delicious," said customer Marcella Yaremchuk.

Customers are glad to see a new business move into the downtown district.

It's located at 323 1/2 Adams St., right down the road from the site of where the new state building will be built.

Jerry Ragen said it's nice to have another restaurant option without leaving Adams Street.

"We go out to lunch every day and we go to a different place every day. This is where we'll maybe go on Fridays," he said.

The community's support has been tremendous, Delbrook said.

"I want to thank everyone who's come in. I've been overwhelmed with the support so it's been really good," he said.

The Firehouse Cafe is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch and espresso bar.

The cafe has extended hours Wednesday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9.m. for its pastries and espresso bar.

There's also free Wi-Fi.

The phone number is 304-534-8003.

The Firehouse Cafe has its menu and more posted on its Facebook page.  Click here.

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