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Mommy Monday: Baby Basics

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"How are you feeling?" I asked dad-to-be, Wesley Burnett. "Nervous," he said. "Like any first time father would." "What are you nervous about?" I asked him. "Making sure I don't hurt the baby."

Burnett and his wife Amanda are expecting a daughter in April; but along with the excitement, comes questions.

"How I hold the baby, how I lay her down, how I care for her, how I feed her."

That's why they signed up for Baby Basics at Mon General Hospital.

"I think these classes are good because it helps you to believe in your parental instincts," said Jeannie Zinn, the perinatal education coordinator. "Everybody has them to varying degrees and they trust them, or not trust them. And I think that's what's important about classes, it helps you to hone in on what you're good at and maybe what you want to know a little more about."

Zinn teaches us "Baby 101"; from how to properly put on a diaper.

"Just lay that there, and slide it out."

To the proper way to swaddle a baby: "The baby's head goes right at the top of that straight line."

She even throws in some of her own tried and true recommendations.

"Butt Paste!"

It's a little bit of everything, all rolled into a two-hour course.

"Pacifiers, the one piece silicone ones, are the safest."

"Right now I think I'm just trying to gather as much information as possible," Amanda said. "And that way hopefully when the one time comes and something happens I'll feel more prepared."

Because that tiny little miracle comes with a lot of big surprises: "I've seen breast kids shoot poop across the room and run down the wall!" Zinn said.

Something well worth being prepared for now.

Baby Basics is a class offered at Mon General Hospital, once a month. For more information go to