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Test It Tuesday: Shed Pal

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We put Shed Pal to the test on this week's Test It Tuesday.

Albert Zipp offered up his 3-year-old dog Mac.  Mac is a Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador mix and he shed everywhere. 

He is to be the perfect candidate to see if Shed Pal is an easy way to manage shedding.

"He's a beautiful dog. But, he has the kind of coat that water dogs have which means he has a lot of loose hair on top and then an undercoat, and they both shed," Albert said.

Right now, Albert uses the FURminator to groom Mac and it does a pretty good job.

"His hair falls out all of the time. When the weather is nice and it's not too cold, I'll go sit outside with him and use this special comb which is just for dogs. And, you can see, the hair that comes off," he said.

Time to see if Shed Pal can compete.

Mac is a little skeptical of the vacuum like noise Shed Pal makes when you turn it out, but he quickly warms up to it.

A minute in to our test, Shed Pal doesn't seem like it's collecting much of Mac's hair in the trap.

The FURminator grabbed big chunks of hair, but the Shed Pal only grabbed a little.

"It's something, but it's not great. It would take an awful lot, awful lot of time, it's not really much of a labor saving device," Albert said.

Albert tried one more time and while Mac stayed put, so did his hair.

Shed Pal didn't grab Mac's hair with ease like the commercial claims.

On the other hand, the FURminator worked like a charm and small piles of hair started to form on the floor.

Albert was not impressed with Shed Pal and doesn't plan to buy it.

"I really didn't think much of this device at all. There's not a lot of suction. It doesn't do a whole lot to pick up hair that might be getting ready to fall out but might still be a part of the coat right now," he said.

Shed Pal turned out to be a dud.

Join me next week when we put another As Seen On TV product to the test.

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