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Restaurant Road Trip: Second and Center Cafe

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For Wednesday's Restaurant Road Trip, we're at the Second and Center Cafe in Weston where customers get a restaurant and art gallery all in one.

The sound of chopping lettuce can get hard to hear sometimes at Second and Center, where the music is always on and the art is always on display.

"We had an art gallery [in Weston]," said owner Joshua Evans. "It closed down. We needed art to hang up and thought, 'There's a lot of talented people in this area - musicians and artists,' and we just thought it'd be another thing for the community."

The Weston-born owner gives out wall space for free. And the pieces have been flying off the wall, as quickly as they're hung, he said. It makes for a setting in which customers love to enjoy the cafe's lunch time specials, including homemade chicken and pasta salad, sandwiches, soups and more.

"It's homey and it's decorated really nice. The food is delicious," David Riffle said.

Riffle said he comes in about once every week and almost always gets one of the house favorites: the French Dip.

"I like the texture and taste. It's always really hot and I like the dipping sauce," the Weston resident said.

"It's sirloin steak. We stuff that down in there. Then we add cheese. We melt it. It gets all gooey and hot. It's awesome," Evans said.

The cafe may not be prissy, but it gives customers the feeling with which Evans wants to send everyone home.

"Food is a big part of owning a restaurant, but for us and this community, the experience is really a big thing," he said.

There were so many good things on the menu that I couldn't decide but the folks here at Second and Center made me some smaller portions of some of the dishes. I was most excited to try the Tuscan chicken wrap with pesto and sun dried tomatoes, some of my favorite ingredients.