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Test It Tuesday: Salon Express

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This week's Test It Tuesday product is Salon Express.

Salon Express is a nail art stamping kit that helps you 'decorate your nails like a pro'.

It allows you to stamp butterflies, flowers and even zebra stripes with whatever nail polish color you choose.

Salon Express comes with a nail design stamper, five pre-designed image plats, an image plate holder and nail polish scraper to remove excess nail polish.

The most important step isn't listed on the directions.

You have to remove the blue film from the image plates in order for it to work.

Step one:  Apply nail polish to desired image on image plat.

Step two:  Use the scraper to remove excess polish from the image plate.

Step three:  Press stamper onto image to pick up the pattern.

Step four:  Simply stamp image onto nail for professional salon results.

I tried a handful of different nail polish colors and combinations.  Some worked better than others.  I found that thicker polishes or nail art paint works best.

The nail design stamper has a small and big end to it.  The big end was too big for my nails and excess polish got onto my skin when I used it.

The small end worked slightly better, but I had a problem getting the designs to stamp 'just right'.

I think with some practice I could get Salon Express to work really good.

Personally, it was too much trouble for me to deal with.  If you mess up a nail, you have to start from scratch and re-paint it.

If you're fairly good at doing your own nails, and are tired of paying a fortune to get your nails professionally done, than $10 for Salon Express might be for you!