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Snowshoe Mountain Shows Its Teeth During 6th Annual GNCC Races

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It's easy to get caught up in the breathtaking views, the resort-style community and the simplistic beauty that comes with Snowshoe Mountain Resort. However, if you're a GNCC rider the you come out of the nearly 20-mile course with a much different perspective.

"They make this course here at Snowshoe one of those that stands out by itself because of the technical terrain and the rocky hill climbs," nine-time National Champion ATV rider Bill Ballance said. "It can throw anything at you. Some of the sections you stand back and look at and you almost wonder how you're going to get through it. It's almost like an obstacle course sometimes."

"I think the uniqueness of this course and the technical difficulty of it is what makes a lot of the old school guys really appreciate this place and then certainly for everyone it's the beauty and the picturesque views of the mountain," 18-year ATV veteran Johnny Gallagher said.

The GNCC Racing Series visits states up and down the East Coast from Florida up to New York. The average length of the 13 races along the tour is around 10 miles. The stop at Snowshoe ups the ante to 20 miles.

When you add up the rough terrain with the lengthy course, that normally translates into the toughest race in the series, and Snowshoe President Frank DeBerry is proud to carry that title.

"We're proud of being known as the toughest GNCC course in America," DeBerry said. "We're fortunate enough to have the environment to add such a benchmark to the whole GNCC tour. When you put the toughest course together with the amenities that we have, which are so different than what they get at any of their other tour stops. I think for GNCC it really turns out to be a special event."