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4T Arena Rodeo Makes 20th Annual Appearance In Bridgeport This Weekend

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For the past 20 years the 4T Arena Rodeo has been bringing its act to North Central West Virginia. First the livestock gets dropped off all the way from North Carolina. Then the vendors come to set up their stands and before you know it, the vacant farm land gets turned into a world class rodeo that brings fans from all over the nation.

"This is noted for the first of July as Cowboy Christmas. Cowboy Christmas is when a lot of the Cowboys and Cowgirls come out east and they start their tour at this end of the United States and start zig-zagging all the way back and forth until they get back home out west," Rodeo organizer Jeff Tucker said.

If you plan on coming out to the rodeo this weekend then be prepared to be entertained. Bull riding has been regarded as one of the most dangerous sports out there and some of these bulls can weigh up to a ton.

"It's real dangerous," Rodeo announcer Jerry Todd said. "I think the old saying goes it's not if you get hurt; it's when and how bad you're going to get hurt because anytime you get on a bull that weighs 1800 pounds and his job is to get you off his back."

The rodeo kicks off at 8 p.m. on Friday night. It will continue at 8 p.m. on Saturday and will wrap up on Sunday at 7 p.m., which will be followed by a fireworks display after the show. So if you're thinking about going then what should you expect?

"A little bit of anything and everything," Todd said. "we've got competition for people who like competition. To entertain the kids, that's what the clowns are all about. We're going to entertain them. So we've got something for everybody. If you're a NASCAR fan and you like wrecks, then you should come because we'll have a wreck or two for you. If you just like pure competition then we're going to have horse racing and the whole shooting match. It's all about a western event right here in the east."


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