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Wild Wonderful Wednesday: Leading Edge Flight School Airplane Tours

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Summer is a great time to get out and explore West Virginia. Once again, we'll help you out in finding fun activities to do right here in North Central West Virginia. Wild, Wonderful Wednesday is back.

We love to do local things, highlighting local people and at the Fairmont Municipal Airport the Leading Edge Flight School gives tours of the area, from the air.

"Most of the people are from Fairmont, Morgantown or Clarksburg," said Flight Instructor Larry Ferren. "They come up and we set up an appointment for them and take them for a ride."

After climbing in the plane and buckling up, there's safety instructions to go over and then you're taking off, taxing down the runway and getting into the air quickly.

"Normally we stay close to Fairmont. If they live locally we try to fly over their house, that way they get to see where they live," said Ferren. "Generally a 20 to 30 minute ride is about average. We can take them up over Morgantown then down over Tygart Lake and then a lot of people want to see the windmills they're putting up, so we take them down and fly along with them so they can see them."

You can see all of that and more, flying from Fairmont to Grafton to Elkins then on to Morgantown. Passengers can see the WVU Coliseum from just a few minutes outside of Elkins.

"At altitude, generally, we have 20 to 25 mile visibility, where on the road you can only see 200 or 300 yards going up and down the interstate," said Ferren.

Taking a drive in West Virginia is beautiful but there's nothing like seeing the mountains from the air.

"West Virginia is so pretty, especially in the fall of the year. On a nice cool evening it's really beautiful to go for a ride and just enjoy the sights around the state," said Ferren.

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