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Restaurant Road Trip: Haught Diggity Dogz

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If you're looking for a great hot dog in Morgantown, you may have to travel a little bit east to Rock Forge, where Haught Diggity Dogz will have your taste buds singing a tune.

"My son Scott, he always wanted to own a hot dog shop, so before God calls me up I wanted to help him," said co-owner Judy Haught.

Open for nearly five years, Haught Diggity Dogz is known for, what else, hot dogs.

HDD has several kinds of dogs like boiled and deep fried, add to it the more than 15 toppings you can have and you get endless possibilities. 

"I get chili, cheese, coleslaw and onion," said Preston County resident and patron Blake Goodwin.

Regulars rave about the homemade chili and coleslaw, but for Haught, homemade isn't enough, some things like tomatoes for topping salads are home grown.

"We want to have quality food, family environment. I love taking care of people, not necessarily sick people. I like to be the sunshine in their life and bring them good food," said Haught.

No matter how many toppings, loads of cheese, and type of chili you choose, it all comes at a good price.

"We even pay the tax on your hot dog," said Haught. "So when you come you don't need pennies, nickels, dimes, you can get everything and anything you want, from a plain hot dog to 15 different things on your hot dog all for $1.75."

Like few other states, hot dogs are a staple in local West Virginian cuisine, but even this lifetime resident doesn't know why.

"I was never one who really consumed many hot dogs in my life, but now I eat at least one hot dog a day and they are awesome. I never get tired, for five years I've eaten at least one hot dog a day," said Haught.