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Snyder Industries Prepares for Expansion

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Snyder Industries in Barbour County is a busy place and a noisy one too.

But its decibel rating isn't dropping anytime soon--now that oil and gas companies are bringing in business.

"The Marcellus Shale does kind of lead us to think that would help us in expanding, but that's not the only thing pushing us," said Mike Isner, plant manager at Snyder Industries in Philippi.

The plant manufactures chemical, water and septic tanks. That equipment also applies to the needs of oil and gas giants.

"One of the things they use a lot in the area is what we call a captor tank, which is a tank inside in a tank for DEP and OSHA regulations," Isner said.

The company said it is capitalizing on the needs of natural gas companies.

"We are trying to cater to the oil and gas as much as we can from this facility because it is a big industry in this area," Isner said.

Snyder Industries is expanding too. It recently leased an additional 25,000 square feet from the City of Philippi. The company said it may add even more manufacturing equipment, and could very well need to add to its workforce. Snyder Industries could add an additional six to eight employees next year, more than a 30 percent increase.

The company said it is not completely reliant on the new industry, however.

"That's not really a fear because in the cycle of this industry, whenever one area seems to fail off another area seems to pick up," Isner said.