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WVU Welcomes 5,200 Freshman

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Every August, new students unpack in dorms and begin lives as Mountaineers. This year, a record enrollment of more than 5,200 new students will make up the Freshman class.

New students packed into the Coliseum for words of inspiration and encouragement Sunday afternoon.

"In there, there are future doctors, future dentists, future lawyers, future scientists, future business leaders, and artists, and dancers, and we need them to successful," WVU President James Clements said. "So my hope for them is what I said, don't drop out, don't give up. It's going to get hard but we want you to graduate and I want to shake your hand and sign your diploma."

The incoming students heard from speakers like President Clements, student government president Zach Redding and adventurer Allison Levine.

Many, still teenagers, anxiously listened to the speakers. They didn't know how the next four years would unfold.

"I expect for the first year, just to be orientated, I know where things are and what I need to do, and hopefully set a good start for the rest of college," said freshman Kevin Garone.

The anxious feeling accompanied the nerves. Clements said that was not a problem.

"If they feel unprepared that's okay," said president Clements. "We'll help them get ready, but it gets back to work hard, don't give up, do your best, go to class, those things become very important."

Many students were excited to begin their journey as Mountaineers. It was apparent when the new students sang Country Roads and learned football chants and cheers. As for the University, it too is also excited to welcome in its newest family members.

"At the end of this, when we all put on our shirts and sang Country Roads together and put our arms around each other, it shows a bond that exists between Mountaineers, and that's really special and I don't think you can get that at a lot of universities, not at the level you do hear."

"I'm really hoping just for a good time," Freshman Jay Rudolph said. "To be able to balance the classes, partying and all that and really to have a blast down here."