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Morgantown Accepts $1.45 Million in Grants For Airport Maintenance

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The Morgantown City Council voted Tuesday night to accept more than a million dollars in grants for improvements to the Morgantown Municipal Airport.

Mike Clowe, director of the airport, said the $1.45 million between two grants will go toward converting Runway 5-23 into a taxiway as well as resealing the runways and airport's parking lot.

Clowe said maintaining the runways are important to the health of the planes, and safety of passengers.

"They're just like the roads around town, after a while they start to deteriorate. We get potholes, we get cracks, we get all of the things we see around town. Unfortunately, airplanes, because of the speeds they travel are much more susceptible to damage if they get caught up in one of those cracks or holes than a car is," said Clowe.

Clowe said it has been at least 10 years since the runways were last resealed.